CENTRL Solutions: We helped a team of 60 geologists create an office solution for their needs

As we all know, Covid has significantly changed how and where employees work. As we work with local businesses to find the right office space solutions for their teams, we’ll be sharing the trends and best practices we see developing for office and workspace solutions.

Recently, we were approached by a Portland-based team of 60 geologists who had recently been awarded a federal grant for a research project in the Portland area. This 18 month project was going to require regular, in-person collaboration between various groups of team members. Because of the length of their project, making a long-term rental commitment, along with buying office furniture for 60 geologists, didn’t make much sense. Since most of their team worked from home, they wanted to offer a professional workspace that team members could drop into for collaboration sessions when needed. And, they wanted to provide a dedicated professional workspace for employees who preferred being in the office.

Here’s an overview of how the CENTRL team created a solution for the geologists in the Portland area:

Every team member gets a CENTRL membership

Rather than rent a large office or suite with a dedicated desk for each of the 60 geologists, the project leaders got each team member a CENTRL FLEX Plus membership. This gave everyone 24/7 access to the CENTRL Office building, along with the option to work in any of our common spaces as needed (lounge, shared tables, phone booths, etc…).

The team shares six small offices

At first glance, one would assume a team of 60 would require a big office or suite. But because this group worked in small teams that would be rotating into the office only a few days a week, renting a large office was not the ideal solution. Instead, they rented six smaller offices so teams could have more private spaces to work and collaborate in small groups, rather than having to contend with the noise and distraction of having multiple teams collaborate in a single office at the same time.

Every team member gets meeting room credits

In addition to getting access to CENTRL with memberships, the project leaders gave all team members the ability to book meeting rooms when needed (especially important for hybrid workers who were only coming into the office for meetings a few days a week). Since our FLEX Plus memberships include credits for booking meeting rooms, everyone on the team could easily reserve rooms through our online booking system.

Within a month of meeting with us, we were able to sign up all team members with memberships and have their six offices ready to go.

If your team is looking for professional, well-designed spaces that allow your teams to collaborate, work individually, or just spend some time together in shared spaces, we invite you to schedule a tour with us.