CENTRL Solutions: How a local company returned to CENTRL and is making hybrid work

As we all know, Covid significantly changed how and where employees work. As we work with local businesses to find the right office space solutions for their teams, we’ll be sharing the trends and best practices we see developing for office and workspace solutions.

When Covid first hit, companies all over the world had to reconsider how and where they would get their work done. Many of them embraced remote work, which caused them to make tough decisions, including canceling their office leases and coworking memberships. Fast forward to 2022 and many of these same companies have successfully adapted to the “new normal” of hybrid work. However, in order to achieve a truly hybrid approach, company leaders have begun to realize they still need to provide workspaces that their employees can access in order to meet and work outside of their home.

We were thrilled to hear from one of our former members who, prior to Covid, had been renting an office at one of our Portland locations. A branding and design agency with ten employees, they now needed a single large office that could accommodate multiple workstations with large monitors so team members could simply walk in, plug in, and get to work (but only when they needed to).

Here’s an overview of how the CENTRL team created a solution for a local branding and design agency with ten employees:

They rented a single large office

Back in 2019, this company rented a ten desk office with dedicated desks for each employee. Today, with a team of ten mostly remote employees, the company leaders decided to experiment by creating a “clubhouse office” or dedicated workspace where team members could drop in based on their schedule. Rather than renting an office with dedicated desks for each employee again, they went with an office that could comfortably accommodate six desks, with each equipped with a large monitor (since not every employee had access to one in their home office setup). And, because this is an agency that works with physical collateral (i.e. apparel, posters, etc…) having an office is extra convenient for picking up, dropping off, and storing materials.

All team members got a CENTRL membership

Since the agency rented a large office at CENTRL, they got twenty memberships to give to employees and contractors. This gave everyone 24/7 access to the CENTRL Office building, along with the option to work in any of our common spaces as needed (lounge, shared tables, phone booths, etc…). Another thing their company leaders shared with us: even if all six workstations in the office were occupied, they wanted to make sure all of their team members had the option to come into a professional workspace every day.

Credits for everyone

In addition to getting access to CENTRL with memberships, the company leaders gave all team members the ability to book meeting rooms when needed (especially important for hybrid workers who were only coming into the office for meetings a few days a week). Since our FLEX Plus memberships include credits for booking meeting rooms, everyone on the team could easily reserve rooms through our online booking system.

Shortly after reaching out to us, we were able to sign up all team members with memberships and have their office ready to go. We’re happy to have them back!

If your team is looking for professional, well-designed spaces that allow your teams to collaborate, work individually, or just spend some time together in shared spaces, we invite you to schedule a tour with us.