CENTRL Solutions: How a local small business owner is taking advantage of her CENTRL membership

Over the past two years the team here at CENTRL has seen an increase in the number of independent contractors and remote employees who are looking for flexible, part-time workspaces where they can get their work done away from their home office.

We’ve gotten to know so many of these professionals who have made the transition to a hybrid style of work.

One example is a graphic designer who recently started her own design agency after years of working as graphic designer for a local Portland business. This designer knew she could work mostly from her apartment, but she wanted the ability to: get out of her apartment every once in a while, meet clients in a professional setting when needed, and network with other Portland-based entrepreneurs.

This designer wanted what so many of our members want: to be able to escape from distractions at home (confined spaces, hungry cats, unreliable internet…) and have a professional workspace to use every once in a while.

She decided to sign up for the CENTRL Office FLEX Plus membership. For less than $200 per month, she has unlimited weekday access to work in the common spaces at all CENTRL locations with internet and bottomless coffee included.

For many people who are accustomed to working in an office full time, transitioning into remote work or independent contracting can be intimidating at first. Understandably, we get a whole host of questions from prospective members, such as:

Where can I meet my clients?

Our FLEX Plus includes discounts for booking meeting rooms. And even if a meeting room isn’t required, members can still host meet and greets in one of our elegantly furnished lounges.

What happens if my internet goes out?

We’ve got wifi covered. On top of that, our memberships include all of our amenities, including printing and copying machines, kitchens, lounges, and support staff.

Can I grow my professional network?

The CENTRL community is full of creative small business owners from a range of industries. Between warming up lunch in the kitchen or grabbing a cup of bottomless coffee, there are plenty of great opportunities to connect with other local entrepreneurs.

If you are a freelancer looking for professional, well-designed spaces that allow you to collaborate, work individually, or just spend some time together in shared spaces, we invite you to schedule a tour with us.