CENTRL Solutions: How a local tech company combines memberships and credits to support a hybrid work model

Now that covid seems to be behind us, we’re working with local businesses to find creative office space solutions for their teams. For team sizes or two to hundreds, we’ll be sharing the trends and best practices we see developing as our members design office space solutions for their teams.

Earlier this year we were approached by a local tech company that was looking for a way to accommodate their eight employees, who were spread out across the greater Portland area. They wanted to find a convenient way to meet in person a couple of times a month, as well as give each person the option to leave the house to work in a professional environment when needed.

Here’s an overview of how CENTRL created a solution for a eight-member technology team based in the Portland area:

All team members got a CENTRL membership

Rather than renting a single office in Portland that would be inconvenient for half of their team to commute to, the company leaders gave all team members a CENTRL FLEX Plus membership. This gave everyone 24/7 access to any of our Portland area CENTRL Office locations (plus Lake Oswego and Hood River) to work in any of the common spaces as needed (lounge, shared tables, phone booths, etc…).

All team members got credits

In addition to getting access to CENTRL locations with memberships, the company leaders purchased additional credits for team members to book meeting rooms when needed (in the case of this company, about twice a month). All team members could log into the online CENTRL Member Portal to easily reserve meeting rooms when needed.

The company rotated the CENTRL location where they met

With a team of eight spread across the Portland area, designating one location for team meetings would inevitably inconvenience some employees, depending where they lived. To be fair to the entire team, company leaders decided to rotate the location of their meetings to different CENTRL locations every two weeks (Eastside, West End, Pearl District, Lake Oswego). And, since our FLEX Plus memberships gave everyone access to all CENTRL locations, the entire team could take advantage of our commons and all of the amenities we have to offer at each location.

If your team is looking for professional, well-designed spaces that allow your teams to collaborate, work individually, or just spend some time together in shared spaces, we invite you to schedule a tour with us.