Styling The Perfect Dedicated Desk With Kara Brandon

What is your great, good work?

I work in Event Production / Event Design — my two worlds of experience before starting my business, Yours, Always: 1-part Design (formal education & interior design industry) and 1-part Wine Industry (wine education, and tasting room). This naturally led me to custom event production, where food, wine & design all weave together to create a special guest experience. I primarily work on small-scale, custom weddings with an emphasis on design, visual elements & custom installations that fuse together with an elevated dining experience. 

What do you love most about having a Dedicated Desk?

I love having my own space! Being able to separate work from home was an absolute must-have after years of working from my living room. I am more productive, focused & overall — I am more comfortable at my dedicated desk. Being able to invite clients to meet in common spaces or conference rooms has revolutionized my scheduling and flexibility. I’m so happy with the community & amenities here, it’s been a huge help in my workflow, as well as being able to leave work at work, so I can be more present at home.

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