Finding Community (And Productivity) In One Place: The Power of Coworking

As the landscape of work continues to evolve, coworking spaces have emerged as a solution that offers a unique blend of work and… (yes) fun. A recent article by The New York Times explores the reasons behind the growing popularity of coworking and how they contribute to a more fulfilling work experience. We couldn’t agree more. If you’re a remote worker considering the idea of taking a break from the distractions of your home, we encourage you to check out the article — and read on below to discover the benefits and opportunities that await you at CENTRL.

A Vibrant (In-Person) Community for Collaboration

One downside of working from home that we hear a lot about is the lack of spontaneous interactions and impromptu conversations — exchanges that can lead to fresh perspectives and new opportunities. As discussed in the Times piece, a primary advantage of coworking at places like CENTRL is the opportunity for increased collaboration and networking. In fact, our spaces are designed to encourage our members to cross paths in the kitchens, lobbies, and lounges — which we believe helps create a more freewheeling and inclusive environment where ideas can flow freely. While there’s nothing wrong with working alone at your dining room table a few days a week, we likewise believe engaging with like-minded strangers a handful of times a month can bring back a sense of balance in our work lives, and inspire creativity, spark innovation, and open doors to potential partnerships and even mentorships.

A Better Work-(Social) Life Balance

At CENTRL, we think and talk a lot about work-life balance — both for our members and ourselves. In the age of hybrid work, this often means thinking about balancing our social lives with work. That’s why we offer spaces that are intentionally dedicated for more leisurely activities, like mingling, holding social events, or even enjoying tea in the lounge on one of our comfy sofas (can you find that in your home office?). By mixing a little socialization with work, many of our members consider us their so-called “second home,” a place where they can find opportunities to network, grab lunch with coworkers, and take a break from the monotony (and occasional loneliness) of working from the kitchen table.

Structured Environment for Enhanced Productivity

We all know hybrid work has its advantages, but can also sometimes lack the structure and discipline of a traditional office. Enter coworking spaces like CENTRL, that provide a structured work environment that promotes productivity. Surrounded by other professionals, you’ll establish a routine and find it easier to stay focused. The presence of a dedicated workspace minimizes distractions, enabling you to maintain a more professional mindset. Additionally, the sense of accountability and motivation that arises from working alongside others can significantly impact your individual performance.

Access to Resources and Networking Opportunities

It’s no secret that coworking spaces offer access to a range of resources and infrastructure that may not be available to those who work from home. From high-speed internet to modern office equipment, working at CENTRL ensures you have everything you need to work efficiently. Furthermore, we frequently host workshops, seminars, and other networking events to help facilitate our members’ professional growth. By being a part of the CENTRL community, you’ll have ample opportunities to expand your skill set, stay updated on industry trends, and build valuable connections.


Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or part of a team, we encourage you to consider coworking as a way to solve the puzzle of balancing your work with your life. By fostering socialization, blurring the lines between work and leisure, providing structure, and offering access to resources and networking opportunities, we believe our spaces can empower you to thrive both professionally and personally. We look forward to meeting you!