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How CENTRL Ensures Fast & Reliable Internet Connection for All Members

We’ve all experienced the frustration of working with a slow or inconsistent internet connection, especially when working from home or a coffee shop. Watching the clock while you wait for a website to load, or scrambling to reconnect to your Zoom call, is not fun and often raises our stress levels while trying to get work done.

We know how important it is for professionals to have a fast, secure, and reliable internet connection to get work done these days. This is why we made internet connection one of the highest priority features when designing and building our workspaces.

To ensure we deliver on our promise of fast, secure, and reliable internet access, we use enterprise-grade technology with multiple levels of redundancy, robust security, and advanced features for larger teams. We also have a network engineering support team ready to answer questions or help configure internet access when needed.

Here is a breakdown of some key features of how we’ve set up our internet access to be fast, secure, and reliable for our members and guests:

Blazing Fast Speed

At CENTRL, we have professional network engineers that have designed redundant fiber optic connections to multiple internet service providers for extremely fast and reliable download and upload speeds. Our network engineers have also created advanced configurations to make sure video or audio connections will not be interrupted by limited bandwidth.

Redundancy & Backups

We have redundant and load balanced internet connections at all of our locations, meaning if one ISP (Internet Service Provider) goes down or has bandwidth issues, we are able to switch to other internet connections without skipping a beat.


Everyone knows that an Internet system should be well secured to prevent hackers from transmitting and stealing information. One of the key features of our enterprise-grade system is its WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) and WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access II) protocols, which provide advanced authentication and encryption.

Malware & Spam Protection

Our enterprise-class routers are equipped with additional security features, known as unified threat management or UTM gateways. They include anti-spam, anti-virus, and content filtering for blocking dangerous or inappropriate websites. Though the individual computers must come with an antivirus tool installed, such a gateway helps to detect malware before it reaches individual computers and devices, offering extra protection.

Wireless Mobility

Having a fast and stable connection while able to move around a workspace has become increasingly important with the growing importance of real-time applications, video conferencing, and productivity software. In our workspaces, members do not have to be tied to their desks and can freely roam to breakout rooms, the lounge, or phone booths as they are working and communicating over our enterprise-grade Wi-Fi connections.

Guest Access

We know our members value the ability to invite guests to our workspaces, and so we have a separate guest Wi-Fi network. CENTRL allows guests to stream, surf, check their email from a secondary network that does not share access with our primary network, which keeps our internet connections as fast, secure, and reliable as possible.

Dedicated Network Options

For private office members that require access to dedicated or private networks, we offer a number of solutions that can be easily configured and maintained with our network engineering team.

For smaller offices that wired connections, we can provide cabling for up to eight with Power over Ethernet network drops. This option works well for the small workrooms or members that need wired connections for up to 8 devices.

For medium to larger teams, we can provide a managed switch with cabling for up to up to 24 devices. Cables are cleanly dressed along the outer walls of the workroom and the network switch and excess cable is stored in a small network cabinet. This gives your office a clean look and some space to install up to 5RMU of hardware (Server, VOIP phone system, etc).

We also offer private wireless networks in our workspaces for members who need it. These networks are configured with Wi-Fi SSID and partitioned and isolated on the CENTRL network. This allows teams to name their own network and provide access to any guests if needed.


CENTRL provides a secure, reliable, and fast internet connection because it supports our vision of building a less stressful, more collaborative, and productive work environment. And in raw terms of speed, security, reliability, and scalability, we think you’ll find the connectivity you’ll enjoy at CENTRL can’t be surpassed. If you have any questions about our Internet system, or how it can meet the needs of your business, please let us know.