Lexie Baker’s Loveship Exhibition

Make sure to checkout Lexie Baker’s Loveship art show at Cosube

This will be up until September 4th, 2017 at Cosube

// loveship exhibit explained

The spellbinding combination of friendship & love is the fuel that sparks my creative flow. The intermingling balance of this “sweet spot” has such an influence on my life that I can’t help but base my work off my experiences…

my loveships.

In this show, the delivery of the word loveship takes an imaginative leap for me into an intergalactic theme. Most of my current concepts are derived from my poem “loveship.” The poem itself can be summed up to describe this constant struggle of beings who live in contrasting states of existence – one worldly and one cosmic – despite this, they continue to seek a middle ground where they can coexist together or at least enjoy one another while the other exists in the only way they know how. This concept is stretched into an ethereal theme that embodies much of my recent work. The leading female character represents the moon. She is usually nude & true while working her way through a series of emotions or interactions & persevering in one way or another through enrichment & life experience. Her female empowerment is augmented by successful interactions & relationships with the consistency of putting herself out there.

It’s never not worth it to bare your heart; to seek loveship.

Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully relate to my work in one form or another.

// lex // • Ars longa, vita brevis. Life is short, but art lasts.


loveship // • // a poem by lexie baker


stars bursting, stakes rolling high,

illuminating magic in your eyes,

marks of passion formed for the skies…


time moves slowly in this reality heeding the pace of your own vitality when my moon and your sun align i’ll meet my wily along the pines.


acquiesce the universal flow follow the moon’s softest glow –

a beckoning light you instinctually know


your feet closing in on the soil spawning a bittersweetness the winds through the trees

alluring an atmospheric swiftness


a billion years wouldn’t hold me back. your wild soul breathes me brighter evoking my senses

inspiring all energies beyond my defenses.


i’ll be leaving soon to orbit the earth but i’ll be back for all that it’s worth. your words are like sun on a river eloquently clear you’ll forever deliver.


let our light be spontaneously placed like stars, diminutive fires that illuminate mars.

perpetual love has both our heart’s lit riding an insatiable wave of loveship.


stars bursting, stakes rolling high,

illuminating magic in your eyes, marks of passion formed for the skies.