Portland Dining Month

Portland Dining Month is officially upon us with more than 100 Portland restaurants serving up three course meals for just $33. With just about 20 days left this month, there are still plenty of opportunities to try out a new restaurant or stop by for a new offering at one of your favorite local spots. We thought that we would help make things a bit easier by highlighting some of our favorite spots that are within walking distance to one of the Portland area CENTRL Office locations.


Coming all the way from Seattle to Portland the talented husband and wife chef team give you Korean inspired fare at Revelry. After opening the successful Revel and Joule in Seattle, the duo bring you their first Portland restaurant. Serving noodle, pancake and rice bowl dishes next to a DJ spinning late night tunes, Revelry has a sophisticated yet casual vibe. Some CENTRL favorites include Mrs. Yang’s Spicy Fried Chicken with peanut brittle and the Maitake Mushroom Noodle Dish. The Dining Month Menu features a preserved vegetable Dan Dan Noodle or ginger pork rice bowl with a soft egg.

Distance from CENTRL Eastside – 4 blocks

Olympia Provisions SE

Olymipia Provisions SE does quality right by serving a variety of internationally inspired menus and an extensive beverage program. Their offerings for dining month are nothing short of mouth watering including roasted chicken thigh, celery root puree, wild mushrooms and bacon or poached garlic sausage, white beans, braised ham and herb salad.

If you’re planning on going all out for lunch before or after Dining Month, we recommend trying their Banh Mi with either seared pistachio pork pate or roasted pork belly. Everything about Olymipa makes it worth every penny.

Distance from CENTRL Eastside – 7 blocks

Montesacro Pinseria Romana

This new addition to the Pearl is named after a working class neighborhood in Rome. Montesacro is introducing Portlanders to “pinsa,” a modern take on the ancient flatbreads once prepared by peasants outside the walls of the Roman Empire. The menu features a maranella pinsa with mozzarella, broccolini, spicy pork sausage and stracciatella di burrata. If you are looking for something new, we highly recommend trying out Montesacro on NW 12th and Hoyt.

Distance from CENTRL Pearl – 3 blocks

Bamboo Sushi

Bamboo Sushi is one of the first sustainable sushi restaurants in the country and most Portlander’s go-to spot for delicious sushi. The menu features crunchy fried cauliflower with spicy black bean sauce, toasted cashews and topped with cilantro. We highly recommend Bamboo Sushi to all of our members, whether it is for Portland Dining Month or just a casual afternoon lunch spot.

Distance from CENTRL Downtown – 3 blocks

Bistro Agnes

This French Bistro Restaurant focuses on the classics in a highly authentic Parisian atmosphere. Their menu for Portland Dining Month features chicken liver mousse and boudin blanc sausage. Located down 12th Avenue from CENTRL Office Downtown, Bistro Agnes comes highly recommend by members and also features a charity cocktail.

Distance from CENTRL Downtown – 1 block

We hope that you find this guide helpful and if you are looking to make reservations, we recommend Open Table!