Q & A Member Spotlight: Masterplans


Q: What’s your great, good work? (what’s your story?)

A: We work with entrepreneurs across the globe to help them scale up or launch their business. Our mission is to collaborate with our clients to build an artfully crafted business plan that not only captures their vision but also allows them to confidently present a funding-ready business plan to a banker or investor.


Q: What’s your favorite part of your work?

A: When a client succeeds; it’s thrilling to have former clients return for a new business plan designed to add a second location to their business or launch a new product line. We’re in a unique position to watch the growth and maturation not only of hundreds of businesses but hundreds of people who work hard every day to take their dream by the throat and make it say “Uncle!”


Q: Where are you going from here or what do you see in Masterplan’s future?

A: Coffee shops on Mars! That’ll make more sense once we roll out our killer landing page video this summer. From a terrestrial perspective, we’re focused on getting better at what we do every day. That means finding a way to help even more entrepreneurs realize their dreams by collaborating with them to craft the perfect business plan.