Unlocking Productivity Through Amenities

In today’s evolving work landscape, coworking offers professionals the opportunity to work in a collaborative environment, fostering networking and innovation. However, the benefits of coworking extend beyond community and collaboration; the amenities provided by these spaces play a pivotal role in enhancing productivity and convenience. Read on as we explore how the various amenities offered by coworking spaces like CENTRL contribute to a seamless work experience.

(Super) Fast Wi-Fi

One of the most essential amenities that coworking spaces provide is high-speed Wi-Fi. Reliable and fast internet connectivity is crucial for professionals to stay connected, communicate with clients and colleagues, conduct research, and complete online tasks efficiently. By offering robust Wi-Fi networks, we ensure uninterrupted productivity and eliminate the frustrations that may arise from unreliable internet connections at home or in public spaces.

Printers & Copiers

In a digital world, there are still instances where physical documents need to be printed or copied. Coworking spaces often equip their facilities with modern printers and copiers, giving members the convenience of on-site printing and scanning capabilities. This eliminates the need to invest in expensive office equipment or make time-consuming trips to print shops, enabling professionals to focus on their work without interruptions.

Kitchens & Lounges

Access to kitchen facilities allows professionals to enjoy home-cooked meals, save money on dining out, and foster a sense of community by sharing meals with fellow coworkers. Lounges offer a change of scenery, providing a space for relaxation, casual meetings, or informal conversations, enhancing creativity and collaboration. Remember, a big part of what coworking spaces offer is the ability to sustain a healthy work-life balance. That’s why at CENTRL, you’ll find fully equipped kitchens, free coffee and tea, and comfortable lounges, providing our members spaces and places to relax and recharge.

Phone Booths

Privacy is crucial, especially when handling confidential client calls or sensitive discussions. Coworking spaces often include soundproof phone booths that allow members to make private calls without distractions. These booths offer a quiet and professional environment, ensuring confidentiality, personal privacy, and peace of mind.


The amenities we offer here at CENTRL go beyond the mere provision of workspace; they enhance productivity and convenience, elevating the work experience for professionals. By joining a coworking space like ours, professionals gain access to a comprehensive suite of amenities for a flat monthly fee, streamlining their work processes and enabling them to focus on what matters most: their work and professional growth. Please reach out if you have questions or would like a free tour. We’re here for you!