Why Small Talk Has Big Benefits

Here at CENTRL, we frequently engage with company leaders who recognize the importance of investing in the preservation of spontaneity and creativity that comes with face-to-face interactions. Undoubtedly, prior to 2020, casual exchanges such as asking about one’s weekend or engaging in small talk played a pivotal role in facilitating a deeper understanding of our colleagues, nurturing company culture, and strengthening our sense of connection. However, as the landscape evolved, the realm of small talk has shifted towards digital platforms like emails and Slack. With this in mind, let’s delve into the advantages of reintroducing non-work-related social interactions into the workplace.

Supports Workplace Identity

It’s a common refrain that new hires often grapple with the challenge of defining their place and role within a new work environment. Casual interactions, such as group lunches, have the potential to reveal an individual’s strengths, talents, hobbies, and other attributes that might otherwise remain concealed. These interactions provide new team members with the gradual opportunity to establish their identity within the workplace and to uncover their unique contributions to the company.

Fosters Fresh Ideas

When information is confined to specific individuals or departments, it can hinder the growth and autonomy of the broader team. Encouraging casual interactions among staff members offers them the chance to exchange information and tips, potentially elevating productivity and bolstering the level of connection and trust among employees.

Encouraging social interactions in the workplace encompasses more than mere idle chatter. In reality, creating space for personal exchanges also paves the way for creativity and innovation to flourish at all levels, as employees perceive themselves as valued and heard. By promoting authentic interaction throughout the company, unexpected and brilliant ideas can emerge from various sources.

How to Strike a Balance Between Informal Chats and Work Discourse

Cultivating a culture that celebrates and encourages interaction yields numerous advantages for both employees and employers. Naturally, as with any endeavor, a healthy equilibrium must be maintained between fostering casual conversation and fulfilling work responsibilities. Rather than discouraging light-hearted conversations, consider facilitating opportunities for employees to gather for non-work-related activities. Events such as after-work happy hours, weekend barbecues, or family sports outings can contribute to building a vibrant employee community while rekindling social connections that many individuals may be yearning for.


Whether you’re considering planning a team dinner, an in-person meeting, or perhaps both, CENTRL has your needs covered. Each of our CENTRL locations is steps from top-tier eateries, bars, and cafes, ensuring a delightful experience for your team. Furthermore, our fully equipped meeting rooms can accommodate groups of any size and can be reserved in minutes. Have questions? Let us know!