Why You Should Work At A Boutique Coworking Office

Okay we admit it–we’re more than a little biased. CENTRL Office is indeed a boutique coworking company, and proud of it.

By “boutique” we mean an emphasis on design, independently owned, carefully curated partnerships and highly responsive to members. It’s only fair to highlight the best parts about working in a coworking space run by staff and members who are highly invested in seeing their spaces thrive.

We’ve outlined four of the top reasons why anyone considering working out of a coworking space should choose a boutique office over a more traditional cookie-cutter space.

They Have Aesthetically-Pleasing Offices

There’s no time for rows of bland desks and dated furniture. Boutique offices put hours and hours of thought into an office design that’ll make you feel like you’re not at your dad’s old office, or a Google campus with napping pods. There’s a happy medium of both that also includes plenty of cozy laptop-friendly seating and working nooks so you can shift throughout the day based on how you feel.

The Community Managers Will Go Above and Beyond

You’re more than just a number to the coworking staff, and they’ll go to great lengths to make sure you feel seen and heard. They remember details about you, your business, your unique preferences, and most importantly your happiness–all while loading the dishwasher or making another pot of coffee.

Do you have a favorite coffee? Are you gluten-free? Do you prefer to be notified when you have a guest or like them sent to you directly? Do you like your mail delivered to you immediately or is your mailbox just fine?

Your community manager is keeping track of several small details for every member in the space, and each one is just as important. Boutique coworking companies place a strong value on the communities they foster by focusing on individuals.

Networking Is A Lot More Natural

Companies in boutique coworking spaces will inevitably begin to think of their office as less of a business hotel and more like their home. Which makes them more open to sparking up conversations in the kitchen, at happy hour and at events.

There’s less of a sales-y vibe to introductions and more of a backyard barbeque casual-ness to meeting. While the nature of coworking memberships can be short-term, it’s highly likely that you will have several companies that have been members for years. This makes issues like coworking etiquette do’s and don’ts much easier to follow by example.

They support local vendors and caterers

Coworking spaces are a jackpot to local businesses. There are several hungry members working away and countless all-day meetings that will require large catering orders. Not to mention the need for daily supplies like coffee, kombucha, and beer. The art on the walls are also likely created by local artists providing a perfectly unique mark on the office.

Boutique coworking companies will order intentionally to help local businesses and showcase what they have to offer–passively helping those companies grow too. Whether it’s the family-owned Mexican food catering or the small batch kombucha brewery down the street, independent coworking companies will try to use their local resources first.

Come see what we’re talking about

Our coworking spaces have major personality. Each one looks vastly different from the other, but always keeps the same relaxed ambiance and modern look.

Stop by one of our offices and see for yourself, we’d love to meet you! Whether it’s to get a little work done outside of the house, meet with potential clients or brainstorm with partners, CENTRL Office will always be your home.