Archive Month: July 2023

In-Person Meetings Are Still Important (But Not For The Reasons You Think)

While remote work has become increasingly prevalent, offering numerous benefits such as flexibility and cost savings, there are times when bringing your team together in-person can provide unique advantages that virtual collaboration simply can’t replicate. If your team primarily consists of remote employees, here are five reasons when and why you should consider organizing in-person…Read More

Unlocking Productivity Through Amenities

In today’s evolving work landscape, coworking offers professionals the opportunity to work in a collaborative environment, fostering networking and innovation. However, the benefits of coworking extend beyond community and collaboration; the amenities provided by these spaces play a pivotal role in enhancing productivity and convenience. Read on as we explore how the various amenities offered…Read More

How To Plan In-Person Meetings For Dispersed Teams

Let’s face it: there’s more to setting up an in-person meeting than shooting off an invite and waiting for people to accept it. Planning in-person meetings is always a little tricky, and for hybrid teams, it can be even more complex, as it requires careful consideration and preparation to ensure maximum productivity and engagement for…Read More