The Beautiful Work of Artist Seth Tane

Over the Hackensack | 2013 | 6-3/4″ x 10″ | Oil on panel
The CENTRL Office main floor is pleased to feature an oil painting, by the accomplished American realist painter, Seth Tane. Tane, a Portland Oregon native, focuses his work mainly on urban, marine and industrial landscapes. Inspired by his journeys across America, Tane’s work is immersive. Depicting light and shadow with subtly and tremendous detail. Giving his expansive landscapes an eerily realistic fidelity. Rendering his environments with vibrancy and yearning for life, tempting the viewer within.


Escape | 2012 | 24″ x 36″ | oil on panel

Tane studied sculpture at the Rhode Island School of design in the early 70’s before operating and living on an oil tanker in the Hudson River. Tane used the tanker for towing and salvage, as well as a painting studio. Gathering knowledge on his travels that would heavily influence his later work. We are so pleased to feature his work. Now at CENTRL Office.


Miller Creek Local | 2015 | 24″ x 36″| oil on panel