Three Places to try on the Central Eastside: Part 2

Three Places to Try on the Central Eastside: Part 2 Now that the snow and ice is melting you are more than likely ready to venture outside. If you’re at all like me, these past couple of weeks had you in hibernation-mode, possibly being stuck indoors, curled up on the couch with blankets (lots and…Read More

Two Places to try on the Central Eastside: Part 1

  Portland is known for its foodie culture and walkability. At the East Burnside Bridgehead area, you will notice this little nook becoming a little more walkable each day with new establishments popping up frequently. This cultural area has its go-to places like the East Burnside Skate Park and Jupiter Hotel event space and Doug…Read More

The Beautiful Work of Artist Seth Tane

Over the Hackensack | 2013 | 6-3/4″ x 10″ | Oil on panel The CENTRL Office main floor is pleased to feature an oil painting, by the accomplished American realist painter, Seth Tane. Tane, a Portland Oregon native, focuses his work mainly on urban, marine and industrial landscapes. Inspired by his journeys across America, Tane’s work is immersive. Depicting…Read More